It was assigned to the Gonti – Accounting and Management Ltd, on 14/12/2010 the Award of Excellence.

Delivery of these premium was attended by the managing partners of the company.

Companies awarded the PME Excellence 2010, which showed the best performance of the universe of PMEs national leader in various sectors of activity. The Gonti Accounting and Management, was one of Award of Excellence in its field.

PMEs want to be leader?

PME Leader is assumed as a “reputed companies seal” created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of domestic PMEs with superior performances, being awarded in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and nine partner banks (including Caixa Geral de deposits) and based on the evaluation of the best credit ratings and financial indicators.

Far from being just a medal for good behaviors, a company regarded as PME Leader is entitled to benefits such as “access under better conditions to financial products and a network of services, facilitation in relation to banking and public administration, and certificate of quality for companies in their relationship with the market. ” Another objective is still undergoing boost the enlargement of the capital market to these companies of intermediate size.